Objective 4......

Objective 4......

Posted by on 10 March 2021 | Comments

When we set out on the COVID19 journey a year ago, we set out our objectives and communicated them to our staff:

1)     To mitigate the risks to CSP employees of contracting COVID-19

2)     To ensure that the business is able to survive the COVID-19 crisis

3)     To protect long-term employment for all CSP employees

4)     To ensure that CSP is best placed to resume business when the crisis has passed

Following the Government roadmap announced on 22nd February 2021, we accelarated Objective 4. Whilst we have been reviewing our whole business throughout the pandemic, we have been compiling a Project list to meet this objective and have now started managing the delivery of a number of business improvements. Whilst these run across the various strands of our business, the most notable has been a review of our Operational processes and procedures by our new Director of Operations, Alan Neil.

Alan's previous role was heading up business support services for the Intu Shopping Centre group , and so it was very beneficial to have a fresh eye cast over how we operate by someone who had not been brought up in the events industry. Alan quickly named this 'Project Bedrock' (a name he freely admits he 'borrowed' from a previous incarnation) and set to work on improvements required. 

The end goal was to secure our process foundations and Simplify, Standardise, Automate. Having looked at the scale of documentation (there were over 300 new documents to be created to meet our vision before we even rewrote existing documentation), he soon recommended the appointment of a Project Manager, to support the development, implementation and training for these improvements, whom we have now appointed. 

The ultimate aim is a best in class quality management system that not only relates to our partners, but to all stakeholders, including suppliers, communities and colleagues, and will mean that we will come out of this stronger than we went in !

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