Surface Guard System

Surface Guard System

Posted by on 14 March 2018 | Comments

ATG Access have been manufacturing security bollards, blockers and high level security systems for some time. They introduced their new Surface Guard System in 2017. CSP considered becoming a strategic partner for this product last year but had some concerns over emergency vehicular access at short notice. ATG have now identified a solution, so we are pleased to announce that we will be looking to become an authorised supplier and operator of this product in 2018.

The innovative Surface Guard system has been designed to provide temporary event security for stadiums, festivals, urban squares and VIP visits. Successfully tested to the IWA 14 impact test standard, the Surface Guard system has been tested twice. The system successfully stopped a 2,500 kg vehicle travelling at 30 mph and a 7,200 kg vehicle travelling at 32 kph.

Supplied in individual units, each product is lightweight and able to be stacked completely flat making transportation very straightforward. The system is compact, easy to store, lightweight, painless to transport, robust and effortless to install, making it the ideal temporary event security solution.

The system is completely surface mounted, modular and incorporates a number of innovative features which allows its deployment from lightweight vehicles in a very short period of time and to secure a multitude of different site scenarios. The product can deal with road cambers and changes in levels as a result of curbs and traffic islands.

ATG Access has designed the system so that members of the public are protected without feeling that they are entering a fortress zone. The system is completely pedestrian and bicycle permeable; an additional vehicle access point can be added to the system array to allow authorised emergency service vehicles gain access to the system in an emergency.

For additional value, the Surface Guard can be further accessorised with footfall counting devices, LED lighting and advertising/sponsorship or information panels further enhancing the benefit of installing these systems at your temporary / semi-permanent event.

Able to be fitted utilising a variety of anchoring methods which are subject to site survey. Anchors include permanent methods which can be installed if events are in the same location at multiple times each year or completely temporary, surface mounted methods where events are ‘one-off’ and in varying locations.