New CSP Induction Launched

New CSP Induction Launched

Posted by on 3 May 2017 | Comments

Recognising the wide geographical spread of our workforce and the difficulty in efficiently tying in  induction sessions, coupled with travelling time and busy work schedules, we have been working to produce an on-line induction programme to CSP that all staff can access and complete remotely whether on PC or smart phone. The on-line induction is now being rolled out to all our existing workforce and new starters, with effect from 8th May, will not be able to access shifts until they have completed the induction. We will also be updating the induction each year and all staff will be required to retake and pass prior to the start of each year.

The induction takes the form of a series of videos covering an Introduction, Our Values, Standards, Resourcing, Health & Safety and Customer Service, with test questions on each section to be answered correctly before you can proceed. In all it takes around 35-40 minutes to complete (if you get the answers correct !) but can be done in sections and not  all at once.

Another example of our constant striving for improvement and embedding our values: Caring, Safe and Professional.