SurfaceGuard at Twickenham

SurfaceGuard at Twickenham

Posted by on 20 November 2018 | Comments

CSP trialled the SurfaceGuard HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) system for The RFU at Twickenham Stadium at the England v Japan fixture this November. An interesting installation that was slightly different from the norm. Cardinal Vaughan car park operates on match days to support the high demands of parking and is the main location for tailgate picnics. Pedestrians access the West Car Park and Stadium via a bridge from Cardinal Vaughan, and this was a route felt would benefit from a HVM solution as a vehicle could access the bridge.

The installation was on soft ground, unlike a normal hard-standing road, and also needed to be in two sections at right angles to allow the search operation to continue as pedestrians approached.

CSP initially looked at  ATG's SurfaceGuard system in 2017 but were not satisfied that the system could support emergency vehicle access at short notice due to the build/breakdown times required. ATG have since modified the system and allowed emergency vehicle access within a 3 minute notice period, which now provides the fexibility required from this temporary installation.

We are pleased to announce that the installation was a success and look forward to exploring more opportunities to help keep visitors safe.

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