The Cazoo Derby gets under way......

The Cazoo Derby gets under way......

Posted by on 10 June 2021 | Comments

The Epsom Derby 2020 was a strange affair, being run with no crowds whatsoever..... this from an event that has generated over 150,000 attendances previously. We hoped never to have to repeat this, but the COVID pandemic had other ideas. Whilst we are on the road to recovery, we were not quite there in time for The Cazoo Derby this year, and so were only permitted a crowd of 8,000 over the two days, however, a crowd nevertheless and, yet another year with no Royal visit.

Damien Kennedy, our Head of Partner Operations, experienced his first Derby 'with a crowd', which involved a greater degree of planning than a normal Derby. Supported by Leigh Gostage, Tobias Dransfield and John Gilligan from his Jockey Club/CSP team as well as Head office and Operations wider support (not to mention Guy Halliday who is so busy that you can't even find him to pin him down for a photo opportunity), the event was a success and we thank Jockey Club Racecourses for the opportunity in supporting them in this event delivery.

Well done to everyone involved and here's hoping to get back to normal crowds for 2022.

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