Rachel's Recruitment Drive

Rachel's Recruitment Drive

Posted by on 12 April 2022 | Comments

We have been reading a lot in the recent press with regard to the labour shortages as we return from COVID, particularly in regard to the travel and hospitality industries. These industries really struggled during COVID with a cessation of all activities, and compounded with the effects of Brexit 2 years on, has found that there is a high demand for those who want to work.

Although Rachel Withero has been with us for a number of years (she was one of our earliest beneficiaries of the Apprenticeship Levy), she recently moved into leading on our frontline recruitment activities. As a result she is travelling more than ever, supported where required by Operations Managers (and to a lesser extent our mannequins) , to job fairs and specific venue recruitment days. Her role and enthusiasm are integral to making sure that we can continue to deliver services to the required standards to our clients and partners and it's great to see how we induct staff through her recruitment sessions. 

Well done Rachel. Caring Safe Professional