Since those early days we’ve added numerous prestigious clients to our portfolio and provided car parking services to some of the UK’s most memorable sporting and entertainment events. The speed of our progress in the last five years has been truly astounding, as new and emerging opportunities have seen major developments in our business skills and areas of expertise. CSP is no longer simply a car parking services company; our knowledge and experience goes much further than this. We have successfully embraced areas such as cleaning, waste management, stewarding, security, cash, audit and special events to such a point where we can now confidently describe ourselves as The Complete Services Provider.

Traditionally our core business has been based on parking cars at venues holding one-off or long-term events. Successful business development has enabled us to grow our range of service provision and we now offer our clients a complete managed combination of services encompassing any of the following:-

  • Parking : Car Park Management, Valet Parking and Traffic Management
  • Safety Stewarding and Security
  • Cleaning and Waste Management
  • Cash and Ticket Sales
  • Facility Management Services
  • Specialist Solutions