Anfield joins the CSP family

Anfield joins the CSP family

Posted by on 14 September 2023 | Comments

Prior to the pandemic, we had identified the need to secure an 'anchor' tenant in the north and Liverpool FC was a potential target. Whilst we operate in the north on special and golf events, we felt the time was right to consider a northern hub. The opportunity arose this year when Liverpool FC tendered out their car parking/traffic management operation. We are selective in which tenders we enter as they need to be accepted in our Capacity Capability Expertise Risk model, and we also need to feel comfortable that the process is not just benchmarking to use against the incumbent operator. Venues may change operator due to dissatisfaction with existing operator, price or just requiring a fresh approach, so the time and investment spent on any tender has to be in the belief that the venue has an appetite for change. We do not speculate on the reason, but in this case, were satisfied that there was a desire for the client to review alternative options.

Following the competitive tender we contracted after the end of the 23/23 season and started to prepare. Apart from general service delivery KPI's we also committed on two fronts: 1) That by October all staff on the ground would be local and not 'bussed' in from other regions and 2) We would open a northern hub so availability of kit/equipment would be local.

As I write in mid September, updates are as follows:

1) Following a successful Open in Liverpool, we had already recruited local teams and many of those working the golf, took up the opportunity to work at Liverpool, so by the second event and other than the mobilisation manager, a senior manager in the control room and 3 drivers: all staff working the event were local which enhanced the operation as they were proud of their team, proud of the area and full of local knowledge. Even our Operations Manager has relocated to Liverpool from London.

2) The 3 drivers from the south will reduce as we secured a new lease for an office/warehouse which will allow us to leave equipment and vehicles in place as well as providing a catalyst to grow the business in the area.

Thank you to Darren Wheeler, Kuda Chiwandire and Richard Mulcaster for the mobilisation and delivery of the first few events. In addition to the Car Parking/Traffic Management services contracted, the client found that significant HVM was required surrounding the new stand development (currently part opened) and we were also able to support the operation utilising both ATG and lighter weight Mifram systems. We look forward to a successful long term partnership with the club. 

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