The Jubilee Weekend Cazoo Epsom Derby

The Jubilee Weekend Cazoo Epsom Derby

Posted by on 10 June 2022 | Comments

We have been supporting the Epsom Derby since the 90's when we only provided car parking services. Over 25 years later the operation encompasses all soft services, security and stewarding, traffic management as well as car parking. The scale of the operation has grown considerably as well with increased hospitality facilities as well as the fairground and market on The Hill.

This year was particularly satisfying for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was part of the Jubilee Weekend celebrations and also included a Community Event on the Thursday Bank Holiday. Secondly, and more importantly for us, it was the first Epsom Derby since 2019 with full capacities. It was great to see the sold out notices. This also eant we were back to full deployment which is excellent news for our staff. Due to the scale we work with a number of authorised sub-contractors to ensure a successful delivery, most notably SGC, Provide and Cleanevent. For CSP, it was a challenge as, on Epsom Derby Day, we also operated at Lords (with HVM deployment), The Killers at The Emirates, Haslemere road closures, AELTC support, Alexandra Palace, Huntingdon Racecourse, Ruislip Lido, The O2 events, Twickenham RFU County Championships, The R&A Open logistics, the Ageas Bowl, Crown Estates (HVM deployment), Newbury, Lingfield, Beaulieu, Olympia and Duxford. 

A lot of planning and preparation went into this weekend so thank you to Damien Kennedy (his first full-on Derby) and his team (including Ben Mills, Toby Dransfield, John Gilligan and Guy Halliday) for your commitment, thank you to Stuart Dorn, Simon Durrant and all at JCR for the opportunity, and thank you to the wider team that not only made the Cazoo Epsom Derby a success, but also all the other events that were covered over this busy weekend.

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